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Online Activities, Workouts & Leagues

While at home, stay in touch and have fun with Park & Rec doing workouts, practicing sports drills or e-gaming in one of our new Esport leagues. Select a topic below and choose from any of the videos or leagues we have available for you to enjoy. New activities are being added weekly.

​Wichita Park & Rec Esports

Registration opens Monday, June 1 for all leagues and ends on Sunday, June 21. Entry is $10 per league.

All leagues begin Tuesday, June 23. Each league runs four weeks, the fifth week is the playoffs.

League play is done remotely from your home on your own gaming consoles: XBox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Download the Mission Control GG app in Play Store or App Store on a mobile device to see league matches, standings and more.

Winners of each league receive $50 cash prize, winners are shared on social media. (Cash value determined by number of players in each league.)

How to Register

After you download the app (links to App Store and Google Play below)…

  1. Create your profile
  2. Join the “Wichita Parks & Recreation Esports” organization
  3. Invite your Wichita friends!

Once registration closes, every week…

  1. Check your schedule and upcoming matchup in the app
  2. Go online at your scheduled time and play your game
  3. Afterwards, submit your score in the app
  4. And repeat!
League ​Time ​Console
1 v 1
​5pm PS4, XBox One​
​MLB the Show NEW!
1 v 1
​5pm PS4, XB​ox One
​Fortnite NEW!
1 v 1
​8pm ​PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One
​Rocket League
1 v 1
7pm​ ​PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One
​Rocket League
2 v 2
7pm ​PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One
NBA 2K20
1 v 1
6pm​ ​PS4, XBox One
1 v 1
6pm​ PC, PS4, XBox One​
​Call of Duty - Gunfight
1 v 1
8pm​ PC, PS4, XBox One​
​Call of Duty - Gunfight
2 v 2
​8pm ​​PC, PS4, XBox One
​Super Smash Bros
1 v 1
7pm Nintendo Switch​

Where's Barry?

Barry the Bison, has been receiving coded text messages all day from a friend. Help Barry decipher the clues, puzzles, and codes within the messages and get him to his destination. Your group will travel to various fun Wichita locations and find out which of Barry's pals is sending him the texts.

Fun for all ages! $5 registration per group. Complete at your leisure between June 18-28. Takes on average 2.5 hours to complete. Upon completion your group's name will be entered into a drawing to win a one-of-a-kind prize for up to six people!

Once registered the location of the first clue will be emailed to you.

Register online