Open Streets ICT Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

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expand Q : 01. Will this event go on with the COVID-19 Pandemic? ‎(1)
expand Q : 02. Where can I find this year's business and activity directory? ‎(1)
expand Q : 03. When do street closings begin, what streets will be closed and for how long? ‎(1)
expand Q : 04. Will transportation be allowed? ‎(1)
expand Q : 05. What active vehicles are allowed at Open Streets ICT? ‎(1)
expand Q : 06. What are some tips to riding bikes in the streets? ‎(1)
expand Q : 07. Do Open Streets ICT events cost money? ‎(1)
expand Q : 08. Will there be ATMs? ‎(1)
expand Q : 09. Where can I park? ‎(1)
expand Q : 10. What kind of behavior is accepted at Open Streets ICT events? ‎(1)
expand Q : 11. Are pets allowed? ‎(1)
expand Q : 12. Will vendors serve alcohol? ‎(1)
expand Q : 13. How do I get involved? ‎(1)
expand Q : 14. What are the vendor requirements? ‎(1)
expand Q : 15. How do I prepare for Open Streets ICT? ‎(1)
expand Q : 16. What should I bring with me to Open Streets ICT? ‎(1)
expand Q : 17. Is Open Streets ICT accessible to people with different physical abilities? ‎(1)
expand Q : 18. What happens if it rains? ‎(1)
expand Q : 19. What happens if I or my children get tired along the route? ‎(1)
expand Q : 20. What amenities will be provided? ‎(1)
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Open Streets ICT is a FREE community-building event bringing Wichitans of all ages and fitness levels together to promote healthy active living and social engagement.

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Wichita, KS 67202