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Outdoor Open Shelters & Gazebos

How to Reserve an Outdoor Open Shelter or Gazebo

All outdoor open shelters can be used on a first-come-first-serve basis, as long as they have NOT been rented.

Reservations must be made a minimum of 5 days prior to the event to allow our staff to prepare the area. Call us for more information or to make a reservation.

Cost: $65 in advance

Call (316) 268-4361 to make a reservation.

Watson Park

Watson's outdoor shelters are available only on a rental basis Monday-Sunday; however, hours may vary depending on the season.

Watson will accept reservations the day of the rental and requires a 3-hour rental minimum including setup and cleanup time. There is a damage deposit.

See pricing chart for more details. Call O.J. Watson Park at (316) 529-9940 to make a reservation.

Refund Policy

There is a strict NO REFUND POLICY. This means we will not issue a refund regardless of the circumstances.

Gazebos Not Available for Rental

Heritage Square Park

Naftzger Park

Outdoor Open Shelters

Boston Park

6655 E Zimmerly

Amenities: Lighting, electrical receptacles, 3 portable picnic tables

Building size: 34' x 24'

Visit Boston Park

Buffalo Park

10201 Hardtner

Amenities: Lighting, electrical receptacles, 7 stationary picnic tables, 4 portable picnic tables, 3 charcoal grills

Building size: 37' x 37'

Visit Buffalo Park

Cessna Park East

6115 E Mt Vernon

Amenities: Lighting, electrical receptacles

Building size: 60' x 30'

Visit Cessna Park East

Chisholm Creek Park East

3228 N Oliver

Amenities: Lighting, electrical receptacles

Building size:

Visit Chisholm Creek Park

Chisholm Creek Park Southwest

3228 N Oliver

Amenities: Lighting, electrical receptacles

Building size:

Visit Chisholm Creek Park

Chisholm Creek Park Northeast

3228 N Oliver


Building size: 73' x 34' with two wings (9' x 34')

Visit Chisholm Creek Park

Dr. Glen Dey Park

2801 N Grove

Amenities: Lighting, electrical receptacles

Building size: 54' x 24' x 30'

Visit Dr. Glen Dey Park

Emery Memorial Park

2325 E MacArthur

Amenities: Lighting, electrical receptacles, drinking fountain, 7 picnic tables, nearby restroom facility

Building size: 42' diameter

Visit Emery Memorial Park

Garvey Park

3501 S Washington

Amenities: 2 picnic tables, 2 additional picnic tables nearby

Building size: 16' x 20'

Visit Garvey Park

Herman Hill Park

101 E Pawnee

Amenities: Lighting, electrical receptacles, restrooms

Building size: 32' x 30'

Visit Herman Hill Park

Leon Robinson Park

2700 S Washington

Amenities: 3 picnic tables

Building size: 26' x 37'

Visit Leon Robinson Park

Linwood Park North

1901 S Kansas

Amenities: Open on 3 sides with lighting, electrical receptacles, patio, assembly area with stage and bench seating for 300

Building size: 40' x 23' (patio 37' x 20')

Visit Linwood Park North

McAdams Park

1329 E 13th St N


Building size: 56' x 28'

Visit McAdams Park

Murdock Park

1808 E Murdock

Amenities: Lighting, electrical receptacles, 12 picnic tables

Building size: 50' x 48'

Visit Murdock Park

O.J. Watson Park

3022 S McLean Blvd

Amenities: #2 has no electrical outlets

Call (316) 529-9940 to reserve a shelter.

​Fee for 3 Hours
24​ ​$30 - 8 tables
4​ ​$15
#3​ ​8
#4​ ​8

Visit O.J. Watson Park

Pawnee Prairie Park

2625 S Tyler

Amenities: Lighting, electrical receptacles

Building size: East (46' x 31') and West (37' x 37')

Visit Pawnee Prairie Park

Planeview Park

2819 Fees

Amenities: Lighting, electrical receptacles

Building size: North (42' diameter) and South (27' x 27')

Visit Planeview Park

Schweiter Park

900 S Chautauqua

Amenities: Drinking fountain

Building size:

Visit Schweiter Park

Sim Park

2020 W Murdock

Amenities: Lighting, electrical receptacles, adjacent restroom facility

Building size: 60' x 30'

Visit Sim Park

Sycamore Park

3637 W 15th St N

Amenities: ADA accessible, drinking fountain, picnic tables

Building size: 31' x 46'

Visit Sycamore Park

West Douglas Park

3201 W Douglas

Amenities: Restrooms, small stage

Building size:

Visit West Douglas Park

West Millbrook Park

404 S 119th St W


Building size: 40' x 20'

Visit West Millbrook Park

Woodland Park North

841 W 21st St N


Building size:

Visit Woodland Park North


Douglas River Corridor

400 W Douglas

Visit Douglas River Corridor

Lincoln Park

1323 S Topeka

Visit Lincoln Park

Longview Neighborhood Park

3914 E Longview

Visit Longview Neighborhood Park

Riverside Park Central

720 Nims

Amenities: Electrical outlets, Lights on photo sensor

Visit Riverside Park Central