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Swimming Pool Rentals

All pools are closed for the 2017 season. Check back in Spring 2018 for information on the 2018 pool season.

Rent a pool beginning Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

Private Pool Rental

Splash around and make a scene because all eyes are on you when you celebrate your birthday at one of our newly renevated swimming pools!

All pools are available to rent! The two-hour reservation admits 50 people, including both swimmers and non-swimmers. Rentals having over 50 people, requires additional guards and must be arranged in advance. 

The $275 rental fee (2 hours) for 50 people, increases $30 for every 25 people up to 200 guests, along with a $75 deposit is required to secure the reservation. Contact the pool or call our Aquatics Team at 316.268.4390 to book a private pool rental.

​Visit the Pool to Book or Call 316.268.4390

Aley ​1800 S. Seneca
College Hill 304 S Circle Dr.
Harvest ​9500 W. Provincial
McAfee ​1240 E. 14th St. N.
Minisa ​1350 N. Jeanette
Orchard ​1062 N. Clara