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Parking in Downtown

In Downtown, the City of Wichita works to efficiently and effectively provide public parking in order to contribute to the success of Wichita. In Downtown Wichita, the City operates and maintains approximately 3,520 on-street spaces and approximately 9,000 of-street spaces.


Policies and Plans

The Project Downtown Plan recommends that the City work to expand transportation choices by locating parking to improve access and stimulate re-investment. In order to accomplish this, the City of Wichita works to accomplish the following:

  • Implement the Downtown Parking and Mobility Management Plan to improve utilization;
  • Prioritize and invest in parking for places where it:
    • serves multiple uses 24/7,
    • unlocks “refill” opportunity for significant buildings lacking parking,
    • expands development opportunity on prime sites through efficient land use, and
    • promotes walkability;
  • invests in public parking structures as crucial downtown infrastructure;
  • institute transportation demand management and improve walking, transit, and bicycling options – to reduce congestion and future parking demand; and
  • provide on-street parking.

Parking Operations

The City of Wichita contracts with The Car Park, a private vendor to operate and manage some of the City's parking facilities and some special events. The vendor's responsibilities generally include cleaning, minor maintenance, and operations (customer service, fee collections, etc.). The City's vendor does have the authority to issue private parking tickets/violations for the City parking they manage.

Parking Meters

The City of Wichita uses parking meters at both on-street and lot parking spaces to help manage parking and to help ensure that a few parking spaces are available for use. Below are some quick tips on using parking meters in Wichita.

  • The meters accept coins (quarters, nickels, and dimes).
  • The meters will not accept paper currency.
  • The parking meters will not give change.
  • Some parking meter spaces are time limited and per Section 11.68.90 of the Wichita Municipal Code, it is illegal for persons to feed the meter beyond the legal maximum parking time.
  • The individual parking meters will display the applicable time limits, fees, and effective times.
  • You can report issues with parking meters by calling (316) 942-4482.

Parking Meter and Occupancy Map