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Advance Plans Committee

The Advance Plans Committee is composed of six members from the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (MAPC) and are annually appointed by the Chair of the MAPC with ratification from the full MAPC. The six members are split evenly between appointees from the Wichita City Council and Board of the Sedgwick County Commission, plus the Vice Chairman of the MAPC. The purpose of the Advance Plans Committee is to provide guidance to the Metropolitan Area Planning Department (MAPD) staff in developing, formulating and considering projections, forecasts, goals and objectives, proposals, plans and policies that affect the long term physical, social and economic character of the planning area.

Board Members

Wichita City Council Appointees

  • Renee Duxler (Whipple)
  • Mike Greene, Chairman (Frye)
  • Robert Hartman (Blubaugh)

Sedgwick County Commission Appointees

  • Schane Gross (Cruse)
  • Chuck Warren (Howell)
  • Joe Johnson (Meitzner)


  • Bob Dool

Meeting Calendar

2020 Advance Plans Meeting Calendar


MAPD Conference Room, 2nd Floor
Ronald Reagan Building
271 W 3rd Street
Wichita, KS 67202

(across 3rd Street south of City Hall)

Agendas & Meeting Summaries

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