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Sign Code


The purpose of the Sign Code is to create a comprehensive and balanced system of content and viewpoint-neutral regulation of signs to facilitate easy and efficient communication between people while protecting the First Amendment Rights of Individuals and businesses, to avoid visual clutter harmful to traffic and pedestrian safety, and to preserve and promote property values, business opportunities and community appearance.


Wichita Sign CodeSedgwick County Sign Code


expand Q : 1. How does Wichita prohibit and regulate political signs, which is prohibited by KSA 25-2711 during the 45-day period prior to any election? ‎(1)
expand Q : 2. Which department is responsible for enforcement of the Wichita Sign Code? ‎(1)
expand Q : 3. How is Wichita Sign Code enforcement undertaken? ‎(1)
expand Q : 4. How is enforcement done for illegal Sign on Private Property? ‎(1)
expand Q : 5. Can you provide more specific information about what types of temporary signs are allowed in Wichita? ‎(1)

Videos and Resources

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Enforcement in the City

The Planning Department is responsible for enforcement of the Sign Code. If you are interested in learning how to submit a compliant, then please visit the Planning Department Enforcement page. ​