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Current Plans Division Statement of Purpose

Administer the development review process for zoning, subdivision, historic preservation and other development-related regulations to implement adopted long-range plans, act in accordance with adopted standards, ensure compatibility with adjacent properties and coordinate development with appropriate public services, in order to support the vision of the community for its built environment and economic vitality.

Division Goals and Objectives

  1. Process development applications for the Wichita-Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (MAPC), the Wichita-Sedgwick County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA), Wichita Historic Preservation Board (HPB) and the governing body action within time frames specified by state statute and city code.
  2. Serve as staff support to the MAPC, BZA, HPB, the City Council and Board of County Commissioners.
  3. Process development applications for administrative review within timeframes specified by departmental policy.
  4. Provide zoning and development application information to the public.


2018 Advance Plans Calendar.pdf2018 Advance Plans Calendar
2018 Historic Preservation Board Calendar.pdf2018 Historic Preservation Board Calendar
2018 Subdivision Meeting Calendar.pdf2018 Subdivision Meeting Calendar
2018 Vacation Calendar.pdf2018 Vacation Calendar
2019 Vacation Calendar.pdf2019 Vacation Calendar
2020 Advance Plans Calendar.pdf2020 Advance Plans Calendar
2020 MAPC BZA Calendar.pdf2020 MAPC BZA Calendar
2020 Subdivision Calendar.pdf2020 Subdivision Calendar
2020 Vacation Calendar.pdf2020 Vacation Calendar
City Council Consideration of Zoning and Other Planning Items.pdfCity Council Consideration of Zoning and Other Planning Items
Development Flowchart.pdfDevelopment Flowchart
EWN 05-21-2020.pdfEWN 05-21-2020
Filing Fees - MAPD 2018.pdfFiling Fees - MAPD 2018
Growth by Decade map.pdfGrowth by Decade map
Landscape Ordinance Guidebook.pdfLandscape Ordinance Guidebook
MAPC Bylaws Adopted 7-25-19.pdfMAPC Bylaws Adopted 7-25-19
MAPC BZA Approved 2020 Calendar.pdfMAPC BZA Approved 2020 Calendar
MAPC COVID-19 Meeting Procedures.pdfMAPC COVID-19 Meeting Procedures
Official Bylaws of the Wichita Sedgwick County Board of Zoning Appeals.pdfOfficial Bylaws of the Wichita Sedgwick County Board of Zoning Appeals
Official Oil and Gas Well District map.pdfOfficial Oil and Gas Well District map
Posting Signs instructions.pdfPosting Signs instructions
The Golden Rules of a Zone Change Request.pdfThe Golden Rules of a Zone Change Request
Use Regulations Quick Look Chart.pdfUse Regulations Quick Look Chart
Wichita-Sedgwick County Subdivision Procedure Diagram.pdfWichita-Sedgwick County Subdivision Procedure Diagram
Wichita-Sedgwick County Zoning Procedure Diagram.pdfWichita-Sedgwick County Zoning Procedure Diagram
Wireless Communication Master Plan.pdfWireless Communication Master Plan
Zoning Chart.pdfZoning Chart
Zoning Code for Wichita-Sedgwick County.pdfZoning Code for Wichita-Sedgwick County
Zoning Code Supplement-Administrative Permit Eligible Properties-Wireless Facility map.pdfZoning Code Supplement-Administrative Permit Eligible Properties-Wireless Facility map
Zoning Code Supplement-Airport Hazard Zones map.pdfZoning Code Supplement-Airport Hazard Zones map
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