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Electric scooters are a new transportation option, operating in multiple cities around the country and in neighboring states. The City of Wichita is looking at how other communities have regulated the use and operations of scooters. The City is also in the process of developing a pilot program to help our community learn about the use of the scooters; explore opportunities for using data to help inform decision making; and develop policies and procedures that achieve a good balance between public and private interests.

09.03.010 Electric Scooter Amendments 02-20-2019.pdf09.03.010 Electric Scooter Amendments 02-20-2019
Pilot Operating Agreement Draft 2018-12-24.pdfPilot Operating Agreement Draft 2018-12-24
Pilot Operating Agreement Draft 2019-02-20.pdfPilot Operating Agreement Draft 2019-02-20
Wichita E-Scooter Review 11-15-2018.pdfWichita E-Scooter Review 11-15-2018