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Getting ready to play ball in 2020

View the webcam to see how the stadium construction is progressing.
View the webcam to see how the stadium construction is progressing.

​City Launches West Bank Project

In 2016, the City began exploring the potential recruitment of affiliated baseball back to Wichita. The goal has been to rejuvenate the downtown riverfront through the redevelopment of the Lawrence Dumont site with the construction of a new stadium and a museum for the National Baseball Congress (NBC). This project will provide significant quality of life amenities and as such would help retain and attract talent to Wichita.

The City secured state STAR bond authorization and established a Tax Incremental Finance District to provide a new, state-of-the-art, multi-sport facility that would attract the interest of minor league baseball. That sustained planning, preparation and execution resulted in the recent announcement of the intent for the Pacific Coast League (PCL) to consider the relocation request of the New Orleans AAA franchise to Wichita.

The project includes a new stadium, NBC museum, riverbank improvements, a pedestrian bridge connecting the stadium to Century II Performing Arts Center and related infrastructure. The projects will be financed utilizing STAR Bonds, TIF Bonds and CID financing, which are funded by revenue generated by the project. An additional portion will be financed with General Obligation financing.

​Past Actions

​Date ​Key Event City Council Meeting/Documents​
​April 16, 2019​Design Build Amendment #3​Council Meeting
​March 19, 2019​Design Build Amendment #2​​Council Meeting
​March 19, 2019​Private Development Agreement​​Council Meeting
​February 12, 2019​Design Build Amendment #1​​Council Meeting
​December 11, 2018 ​J.E. Dunn-Eby approved as design/build team ​Contract; Council
​November-December 2018 ​Demolition of Lawrence Dumont Stadium
October 23, 2018 Bradburn Wrecking Co. approved as demolition contractor for $178,555.44 ​Bid Results
​October 3, 2018 ​City issues Request for Proposals (RFP) for design/build View the RFP
 September 11, 2018 ​City announces MOU with New Orleans AAA franchise ​Council
March 7, 2017 / ​April 11 , 2017 ​City Council Considering TIF Financing Project Plan
Council 1; Council 2
​December 20, 2016 / March 21, 2017 / May 2, 2017 City adopts STAR Bond Financing Project Plan

Council 1; Council 2; Council 3

​November 1, 2016 / December 6, 2016 City Council Expands STAR Bond District ​Council 1; Council 2


​Contact Person
Email​ ​Phone
​Stadium Project Manager
Paul Gunzelman, Construction Project Manager
Email Paul ​(316) 268-4393
​General questions
Scot Rigby, Assistant City Manager
​Email Scot ​(316) 269-4702


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