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Theft Prevention Tips

The Wichita Police Department has noticed an increase in larceny to auto and auto theft in the city. In an effort to combat this issue, we are asking our citizens to take some time to familiarize themselves with the following tips. Let's work together to keep Wichita safe!

  • Remove ALL items of value from your vehicle. This includes GUNS, bank cards, money, jewelry, electronics, clothing, tools, etc. If items need to be left in your car, make sure to hide them before going to your destination.
  • Lock your doors. Auto thieves are looking for opportunities. Leaving a car door unlocked is an open invitation to having items taken and your car stolen.
  • Roll up all your windows completely. Leaving your window cracked partially can be seen as an opportunity for some thieves.
  • Park your vehicle close to your house in a well-lit area. Motion detection lights are helpful. If you must park in the street, parking under a streetlight is a good place.
  • Consider investing in a camera system. With advancements in technology, several options exist that are reasonably priced. Cameras help with identifying suspects and can be great evidence in getting suspects charged.
  • Car alarms are standard in most modern cars. If your car is not equipped with a car alarm, consider adding this option to your vehicle.
  • A large percentage of larceny to autos are from stolen car tags. Many home good stores and websites such as carry reasonably priced anti-theft screws that will help prevent the tag from being stolen.
  • A good practice to have with items such as electronics, power tools, and other items of value are to copy down the make, model, and serial number of the item. Also, taking a photo of the item as a way of documentation can prove helpful in the future if anything is lost or stolen. Reporting stolen property with all this information makes it easier for officers to later recover these items.
  • During the winter months, it can be tempting to warm up your car prior to leaving home; however, auto thieves are looking for this opportunity, and will take advantage of it if they come across it. The best option is to start the vehicle and let it warm up while sitting inside the vehicle.
  • Most importantly, if you see something say something! Report all suspicious activity to 911.