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Working in partnership with our community to deliver exceptional police services with professionalism and fairness.

Property & Evidence

Property & Evidence Warehouse


410 N Waco
Wichita, KS 67202

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7am - 4pm (M-F)

Phone Numbers

Office: (316) 303-8220

Impounded Vehicles:
(316) 268-4303 OR (316) 268-4396

The mission statement of the Property & Evidence Section of the Technical Services Bureau is to provide the Wichita Police Department with professional service in the intake, storage, handling and disposal of all evidence, found and personal property. Secondly to provide the public with their property in the most timely manner legally possible.

The Property & Evidence Section is responsible for maintaining care and custody of all evidence, personal and found property submitted by the police department. Inventory is kept by logging all properties in the computer system. Property and Evidence auctions all unclaimed properties via the internet. All unclaimed vehicles are auctioned via the internet.

Services Provided

  • Receiving, processing, and storing of property and evidence.
  • Identification and return of evidence and property to rightful owners.
  • Provide access to evidence for Officers and Detectives for review or criminal trials.
  • Maintain and return personal property to prisoners incarcerated in Sedgwick County Jail.
  • Return found property to rightful owners.
  • Maintain records for vehicles that are impounded by Wichita Police Department.
  • Send notifications to owners of impounded vehicles.


Property auctions are now viewed year round via internet site. Please log on to to see all Wichita Police property being auctioned.

The City of Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, now sells vehicles online via Kansas Impound Auctions. When the owners of impounded vehicles fail to pay the removal storage incurred, these vehicles and any personal property contained therein, will be sold online.

PropertyRoom Kansas Impound Auctions

Procedures for Claiming Your property

If your property was taken as evidence in a case, you will need to obtain a release from the case detective that has been assigned to your case. The case detective will route the release to our office if your property can be released. Please allow forty-eight (48) hours for this release to reach our office at 410 N Waco.

Claiming property as finders property

If you are the finder of property you turned over to the Wichita Police Department, you can claim the property after thirty (30) days. You will need to provide the police department case number from the incident you reported the property found. Per policy, guns are not able to be claimed.

Procedures for claiming your vehicle

You will need to have a current registration per state law (K.S.A., 8-1103) and valid photo identification to claim your vehicle. If you are picking up a vehicle that is registered in someone's name other than yourself, they will need to bring valid photo identification along with a completed and notarized Vehicle Release Form (this form is also available at Property & Evidence) from the owner giving them permission to pick up your vehicle plus the current registration. Note: A notary is not available at the Wichita Police Department (including Property & Evidence).

If your vehicle has been involved in a crime and has a hold placed on it, you will need to contact the case detective to obtain a release. The release can be faxed to the tow lot that holds your vehicle.

If you are protesting your impound fees, you will need to contact Municipal Court at (316) 268-4629 to set up an impound hearing. You have five (5) business days after your vehicle has been impounded to obtain a hearing.

Find my Impounded Car Online

Having trouble paying your vehicle impound fees? You may qualify for an installment payment plan or homelessness waiver.

Apply for the Impound Payment Program

Impounded Vehicle Complaints

For any complaints regarding your wrecker company please click below:

Wrecker Company Complaint Form

​Documents & Forms

Emergency Wrecker Company Fee Schedule.pdfEmergency Wrecker Company Fee Schedule
Emergency Wrecker Requirements.pdfEmergency Wrecker Requirements
Property Release Form.pdfProperty Release Form
Tow Log.docTow Log
Vehicle Impoundment Form.docVehicle Impoundment Form
Vehicle Release Form.pdfVehicle Release Form

Impounded Auto Lots

Lot hours to the public are 7am - 7pm daily.

Address​ Phone​ Owner​
​Arrow Wrecker
​531 E MacArthur (67216)
(316) 522-8156​ Chris Burkhart
Reliable Towing LLC,
DBA Happy Hooker
​3760 S Broadway (67216)
(316) 522-8908​ Mark Yisidro, Jr.​
Tow Service​ ​3760 S Broadway (67216)
​(316) 522-5353
Mark Yisidro, Sr.​
​Ken's Auto Tow
​3760 S Broadway (67216)
​(316) 941-4300
Monte Yisidro​
Bud Roat Towing​ 310 N Handley (67203)​ (316) 267-2040
Arlin Roat​
Kidd's Tow 4740 Esthner (67209)​ (316) 945-8697
Robin Kidd
Tow All​ 4740 Esthner (67209)​ (316) 945-8697 Michael Kidd
Wichita Towing and Recovery​ 4123 S. Broadway (67216)​ (316) 358-0400 Tony Nuessen
Miller's Towing​
4309 S. Broadway (67216)​ ​(316) 351-4754
​Robert Miller
Sheriff's Impounds​
​(316) 660-3888

Highway Patrol​

TNT Towing

2055 N Mosley (67214)

(316) 744-0451​

(316) 269-2112

Natalin Perez

​Frequently Asked Questions

​Property and Evidence Audit

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