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Working in partnership with our community to deliver exceptional police services with professionalism and fairness.

Community Support Specialists

WPD has sought grants and funding every year since 2016 to add embedded social workers into WPD to help with mental health-related calls. This opportunity became a reality in collaboration with the Department for Children and Families.

Two Community Support Specialists (CSS) are embedded within the police department and assist WPD in connecting families with public health programs for parent skill building, mental health or substance abuse services, and similar safety network supports.

The goal of the two non-commissioned staff employees is to assist law enforcement in responding to incidents involving children at risk because of abuse, neglect, or are otherwise in need of early intervention for a safe and supportive environment.

The CSS will improve communication between social services and law enforcement in Wichita and allow for quicker response to resources and assistance in certain cases.

If you have questions for WPD CSS or have resources to provide them, please contact them below.

Y’Teva Robinson

Y’Teva has a Bachelor’s degree in Leisure Youth and Human Services and a Masters degree in Health Administrations. Y’Teva started with the Police Department in 2014 working at Case Desk, Alarms, Housing and the 6th floor. Y’Teva’s background also includes case management for a total of 10 years with various agencies working with early childhood intervention services. Y’Teva worked for 5 years at Department for Children and Families at EES.

Ally Angle

Allyson is a Licensed Social Worker with her Bachelor’s degree. She graduated from Wichita State University in 2003, she completed her Masters degree in Social Work in 2006. Allyson has worked at COMCARE with SED children; Youthville Inc. with the foster care population; DCCCA with the licensed foster parents; and 10 years with the Department for Children and Families (DCF) as a Protection and Prevention Social worker. Allyson was placed in the Exploited and Missing Child Unit, investigating sexual abuse, Human Trafficking and severe child abuse cases for 6 years.