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Officer Jacqueline Anderson

​What year did you start?


What did you do previously before WPD?

I played college basketball at Hesston College for two years prior to attending WSU where I cheered two years and obtained my degree. I also worked with children at the YMCA.

Why did you want to become a police officer?

My father is in law enforcement, and I have always looked up to him and found law enforcement to be a meaningful and honorable profession. I've found the investigative side of police work, putting pieces of the puzzle together and collecting evidence to solve a crime very interesting, and it just made sense.

What do you like about being a police officer?

I like that every day I go to work, it is different than the last day of work. Every day I get the opportunity to help someone in some way shape or form. It's rewarding to know every day in a subtle or big way, I'm making a difference in someone's life in a positive way.

How has your experience been being a female police officer?

It's been great!! I enjoy the people I work with and the sense of community at WPD. I feel very accepted and valued as a female officer. That makes me feel good knowing that I made the right career choice as a female officer working at WPD. I know I can be a great police officer just like anyone else in our department.

Why should more females think about becoming a police officer?

I think women bring another side of law enforcement that is valuable. When young girls and women see us working out in the community, they realize that any career choice is a possibility for them. I would love to have the opportunity and encourage other women who have thought about joining the police department, or women who have never thought about joining the police department, take the challenge and help continue to make a difference in the community we live in.

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