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Police Applicant Physical Fitness Test

​This test is conducted at various times on various days. Please call to schedule the test, there are limited spots per testing day. This test is designed to evaluate your physical capacity to perform the duties of an entry-level Police Officer. The test will consist of four events.

Test #1

Completing as many push-ups (correctly done) in one minute.

Test #2

Completing as many sit-ups (correctly done) in one minute.

Test #3

The Illinois Agility Run is a timed course. You will begin the course on your stomach with your hands behind the starting line (line one) and your feet together. On command you will get up and run and touch line two (33 feet away) then run back to line one, then slalom through a series of cones back to line two and then slalom back through the cones to line one. After completing the slalom, you will continue to run from line one and touch line two then run back to line one (finish line). Time will stop when you go through the finish line. You must finish the course without touching/moving any cones.

Test #4

The Multistage Run or the Beep Test. It tests your aerobic fitness and measures your oxygen uptake.

You will begin at line one. When you hear the beep, you will run 20 meters to line two and wait until you hear the beep, then you will run back to line one and wait until you hear the beep to run back to line two. You must wait at the line until the beep before proceeding to the next line. As the test continues, the times between the beeps become shorter. You will continue to run from one line to the other line until you cannot keep up. You will be signaled a warning if you fail to reach the line before the next beep to continue. If you fail to touch the line on two consecutive shuttles before the beeps during the allotted time your run is finished.



To ensure you are able to do your best in all events, wear appropriate comfortable athletic clothing.

Qualifying Score

In order to pass the physical agility test, you must complete each test and receive a minimum cumulative score of 20 points. Scores are based on your age and gender.

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