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Sergeant Stephanie Neal

​What year did you start?


What did you do previously before WPD?

I went to college and law school before hiring on here.

Why did you want to become a police officer?

When I first started college, I wasn't sure initially what I wanted to do. I took some Criminal Justice classes and became intrigued. I initially wanted to do Federal Law Enforcement and came here to get experience. But after several years I decided that this was where I wanted to stay and this was the community I wanted to be a part of.

What do you like about being a police officer?

I like the fact that no two days are alike in this job. When you come to work, you never know who or what you're going to experience or encounter on that day. But it's also a job where you can feel that you've made a difference to someone. It might be a call that you've been to a dozen times, but to that person, it could be the worst thing that's ever happened to them and you can be that person that helps them through that event.

How has your experience been being a female police officer?

I've had a great experience being a police officer. It sounds cliche, but being in law enforcement really is like having another family. We look out for and take care of each other. I've made lifelong friends since I've been in this department. I've never once felt that I've been treated differently because I'm a female. If anything, I feel that the male officers look at me like a sister or a daughter, and I know that they're going to look out for me.

Why should more females think about becoming a police officer?

I think to do this job, it has to be a calling, and it's not a job that just anyone can do. But we receive a lot of training and education to assist us so that we can do our jobs to the best of our abilities. Also, being in law enforcement, you're not just limited to one thing. There are so many positions that you can do at every level. For example, you can be a patrol officer, School Resource Officer, Community Police Officer, K=9 Officer, Community Response Team Officer, or a Traffic Officer. There are also many specialty units such as SWAT, EOD, and the Mounted Unit. When you're ready to promote, there are over 15 different sections you can work in. There's a place here for everyone that they can succeed in.

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