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Tattoos & Piercings Policy


Though visible tattoos are permitted, tattoos/markings that display any type of offensive design, logo or wording must not be visible while on duty in uniform or civilian clothing regardless of what the tattoo/brand is or represents. This includes but is not limited to sexual or profane words/phrases, indecency, lawlessness, violence or sexually explicit material or any language or depiction that may impair or disrupt the operations of the department, or is inconsistent with the mission of the department.

Head, neck, and hand tattoos are not permitted in uniform or civilian attire while on duty unless reviewed and approved by the Chief of Police. One ring tattoo on one finger on one hand will be permitted. Cosmetic tattooing is permitted if done to apply permanent facial makeup (i.e. eyebrows, eye liner); the cosmetic tattooing must have a natural appearance and be conservative, moderate, not excessive or extreme, and in good taste.


The wearing of a facial piercing, i.e. lips, tongue, nose, brow or any other location on the face is prohibited for all department members on duty. Male employees may not wear an ear piercing on duty. Female employees may wear a maximum of two (2) piercing in each ear lobe while on duty. While in uniform the earring should be the "stud" type of earring. All other piercings must be concealed by clothing while on duty. Exceptions to 3.10 Grooming Standards can be granted by a Bureau Commandeer in situations involving undercover investigations.

WPD officer showing his tattoos under the NEW visible tattoo policy.

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