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Officer Shay Wash

​What year did you start?


What did you do previously before WPD?

Before joining the Wichita Police Department I attended Wichita State University full-time and worked at Mid-Kansas Ear, Nose and Throat.

Why did you want to become a police officer?

As long as I can remember I always wanted to be a police officer. I always had an interest in being able to assist people. I think people should be responsible for their decisions and their consequences good or not. I also enjoy being outdoors and seeing a variety of things throughout a day. It's neat knowing my "office" is actually "mobile" in the patrol vehicle.

What do you like about being a police officer?

I like knowing that each day is a new day, and I never know what I will encounter during my shift. I also enjoy doing different things during my work shift and interacting with multiple people. That's one of the neat things about being a police officer is all the nice people that I come in to contact on a daily basis that are very thankful for the job that I do.

How has your experience been being a female police officer?

I have had a good experience being a female police officer with the Wichita Police Department, starting from the academy 20 years ago to my current position as a first shift patrol officer. I communicate well with my co-workers and supervisors, and I'm able to work productively. I have also been mentored by very qualified females within the department and that has helped me in my career. It's a great feeling knowing that there is good support amongst us to all strive and do well as a team.

Why should more females think about becoming a police officer?

I would love to see more females become interested in law enforcement and apply, because there are many opportunities and possibilities for movement and promotions. There are many times when being a female is an assest to a particular situation. Having access to additional females on the department would allow citizens to see the diversity of the Wichita Police Department. It shows that we are an example to other females to strive for the goals they want to achieve and they should join our department and realize they can achieve their goals as a police officer.

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