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Working in partnership with our community to deliver exceptional police services with professionalism and fairness.

Training Bureau

The mission of the Training Bureau is to provide the highest quality training possible to enhance the skills, abilities, and performance of veteran officers and to establish a firm foundation for recruit officers to build upon. We also strive to instill and continually reinforce the highest levels of police professionalism and ethics in order to provide our community with quality law enforcement services.

In order to fulfill our mission, we are continually looking for outstanding men and women to join the Wichita Police Department. For more information about what it takes to become an officer, please visit our recruiting page.

Apply to become a WPD officer

Lt. Jason CooleyRecruit TrainingEmail(316) 660-3810
Lt. James BohannonPre-EmploymentEmail(316) 660-3810
Sgt. Ken KimbleIn-Service Training CoordinatorEmail(316) 660-3810
Sgt. Jeremy VogelPre-Employment RecruitmentEmail(316) 660-3810
Det. Robyn DoutyPre-EmploymentEmail(316) 660-3810
Det. MellardPre-EmploymentEmail(316) 660-3810
Det. Vince VanPre-EmploymentEmail(316) 660-3810
Det. Mike SilvaPre-EmploymentEmail(316) 660-3810
Off. Johnny ParkerPrivate Security AdministratorEmail(316) 660-3810
OpenSecretary(316) 660-3810
Kelly GodfreyIn-Service Training ClerkEmail(316) 660-3810
Alan JohnsonMaintenance(316) 660-3810
Lt. Stephen PattonRangemasterEmail(316) 660-3810
Michael KingsfordRange AssistantEmail(316) 660-3810
Frank CookRange AssistantEmail(316) 660-3810

Captain Lem Moore,
Training Bureau Commander

P: (316) 660-3810

Email Captain Lem Moore