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1. Since the funds are reimbursable, our nonprofit organization is concerned about the risk. Is there any way to reduce the risk?
2. If we requested funding for staff positions, are they funded through 2026?
3. If organizations have further questions, who can they reach out to?
4. Are cultural arts organizations able to apply for funding?
5. Can non-Wichita residents with an organizational presence in Wichita apply for funding?
6. If several organizations/ non-profits are applying as a consortium, do all the organizations need to provide the required documentation or can we just provide it for the lead?
7. Can this funding be used to start up a non-profit or organization?
8. Can a Wichita resident apply for this funding if their business is outside the City limits, or perhaps if they have a chain and funding will be used for one location in Wichita but also outside of the
9. What is the desired timeline to present since our program continues beyond the grant period?
10. Is a copy of an organization’s most recent audit required if we do not exceed the threshold indicated by the government? If it is required is it submitted with grant application or before the grant is
11. When looking at awarding the grant and the amount-is it an all or nothing, or would the committee look at funding a portion of the request?
12. It appears that unless the entity applying is providing a mechanism to distribute funds they are not really the type of applicant that is being sought out?
13. The memo to the treasury and the additional documents (COI, ethics policy) do we just email those in?
14. If our workers are independent contractors who work for us full-time would they qualify for premium pay?
15. I read ARPA guidelines that indicate it is capped at $25K additional money per worker. Is the amount capped at $25K per worker or do we calculate what is needed to get each worker to $72915 annually?
16. Can premium pay be paid to part-time workers? Can we include part-time employees and pro-rate their pay accordingly?
17. How do we submit the other required documentation with the online application?