Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The City of Wichita is taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of those who visit and work in City facilities and is committed to doing its part to limit the potential impact of the Coronavirus. The City is also working closely with its local partners including the Sedgwick County Health Department which is responsible for managing issues related to public health.

The City will provide additional updates as needed on this webpage, and residents may find more information on the departmental web pages. Residents can view the department pages by clicking on the “Get Information” tab on From there, they can view the drop down menu and select specific departments which may have more information listed. The City will also share the latest news on Facebook and Twitter.

​Utility Services

If possible, customers are encouraged to take advantage of online payment options or request service at

The City of Wichita has suspended water utility shut offs. We want to ensure we're supporting the community during this tough time. We will work with those who are behind on their bill to set up a payment plan - call us at 316-265-1300. Residents can also call Center of Hope at 316-267-0222 or Salvation Army at 1-800-SAL-ARMY for help paying your water bill.

​Currently Open/Opening Soon

The following will remain open with some limitations:

  • City Council meetings will continue as scheduled. However, agendas will be limited to essential business items.
  • Transit bus routes will continue to operate on a normal schedule.
  • Brooks Landfill remains open.
  • Auburn Hills and MacDonald golf courses reopen Tuesday, April 14. Arthur B. Sim and Tex Consolver golf courses reopen Saturday, May 23.
  • Wichita Municipal Court reopens Tuesday, May 26th. All pending cases now have new court dates. Enter your information into the court docket search to find your new date.
  • The City Prosecutor’s Office is open but has temporarily suspended in-person walk-in hours. Please use prosecutor@wichita.go to discuss citations and ask questions on other matters. You can also call 268-4569, select Option 5, then press 1.

​Reopening News

2020-06-02Sedgwick County Health Department COVID-19 Recovery Guidance for Businesses
2020-06-02Sedgwick County Health & Economic Recovery Plan
2020-05-27Sedgwick County recommends following Ad Astra Plan
2020-05-26WPD Post COVID-19 Protocols
2020-05-26Botanica’s Reopening and Guidelines Plan
2020-05-21Riverside Tennis Center Reopening
2020-05-21Golf Courses reopening
2020-05-21City Facility Reopening Plans
2020-05-20Executive Order No. 20-34
2020-05-20Wichita Municipal Court Back in Session May 26
2020-05-20County Facilities to Reopen to the Public
2020-05-20City Hall Reopening Plans
2020-05-15WPD Property and Evidence Section Reopening
2020-05-14City Using a Phased Approach to Reopening
2020-05-13Commission Approves a Local Health and Recovery Plan
2020-05-07Wichita Public Library Begins Curbside Service May 11
2020-05-04Frequently Asked Questions On Ad Astra: A Plan To Reopen Kansas
2020-05-04Executive Order No. 20-29
2020-05-04Phase 1
2020-05-04Phase 2
2020-05-04Phase 3
2020-05-04Phase Out

​Latest News

2020-07-07Frequently Asked Mask Questions
2020-07-03Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-07-03Wichita City Council Votes to Enact Mandatory Mask Order
2020-07-02Sedgwick County Commissioners takes vote
2020-07-01Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-30Release - Daily Sick Reporting Form
2020-06-30Businesses can now Request PPE from Sedgwick County
2020-06-29Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-26Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-26County Recommendations for Events
2020-06-24Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-19Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-18Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-15Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-12Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-10Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-08Reminder: NP Swab Study to Examine Spread of Disease
2020-06-08Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-06Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-06Minns Recommends Remaining in Phase 2
2020-06-05Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-04County Opens Testing to All Residents
2020-06-04Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-03NP Swab Study to Examine Spread of Disease
2020-06-02Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-06-01Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-05-31Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-05-30Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-05-29Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
2020-05-28Sedgwick County COVID-19 Daily Update
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​Cancellations & Postponed Events

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