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While at home, stay in touch and have fun with Park & Rec doing workouts, practicing sports drills or e-gaming in one of our new E-Game tournaments. Select a topic below and choose from any of the videos or activities we have available for you to enjoy.

Fortnite Tournament

Details of the next event coming soon!

Alright gamers, let’s get this battle started! Welcome to Wichita Park & Rec’s Fortnite Tournament. Prizes will be awarded to the top 4 finishers and the tournament winner receives a $60 gift card!

Compete against other players over a two week period. Week one starts with pool play, followed by a single elimination race tournament during week two.

Each player will be guaranteed 6 pool play games and 1 in bracket play, more if you aren’t a bush camper and get your favorite skin a workout. Whether you’re an OG or a Newbie we want you to compete! Here are the details:

September 15-17 | Pool Play

  • Two players from the same pool will compete in two Duos matches each evening, the player with the most eliminations wins the match! Play will begin at 6pm for the first match, second match will follow. If you need to adjust time, you are welcome to reach out to your competitor and ask but you only have until 10pm to submit your scores.
  • After each match players will submit their scores by taking a picture of the game summary and uploading to our Facebook group page, before 10pm. All players must submit a screen shot of both players in the lobby before the match starts and two summary screen shots at the end of each night. Players will submit a total of 3 pictures to the Facebook Group.
  • When submitting pictures you must show your elimination score.
  • Tie breaker: Use scores from first round of pool play (September 15)

September 21-25 | Tournament Play

Tournament bracket will be used to show who plays head to head each evening at 7:00pm

  • Round 1 played September 21
  • Round 2 played September 22
  • Round 3 played September 23
  • Round 4 played September 24
  • Round 5 played September 25

After each match, all players will submit their score before 10pm

Register before September 11. Click the button below!

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